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Shopify pricing plans-Who is the Advanced Shopify plan for?

Advanced Shopify is best suited for large businesses that need a scalable solution that can scale quickly to their business. It’s meant to grow with your business and provide you with the tools you’ll need to grow.


Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-grade software solution for stores with a high volume of transactions. Some of the world’s biggest brands use Shopify Plus to power their online stores. It comes with unlimited sales, products, and bandwidth.

Shopify Plus plan

The main goal is to provide an affordable solution that allows businesses to focus on launching products and targeting new markets. Robust tools make it easier to manage your store and reduce IT costs. Dedicated 24/7 support will also help you launch your store faster.

Shopify Plus Limitations and Requirements

Shopify Plus has no real limitations. To get started, you’ll need to contact Shopify. They will create a personalized plan for you with personalized prices.

Who is the Shopify Plus plan for?

The LA Lakers and Dodo case are two Shopify Plus customers. They both have recognizable brands and international reach. They are also high volume merchants with unique needs. Shopify Plus is ideal for meeting their needs.

Shopify pricing compared to their biggest competitors


Magento is another big name in e-commerce software platforms. The big difference is that Magneto CE is an open-source service. This means that it is technically free. People all over the world voluntarily contribute to the creation of the program by creating add-ons and applications.

Unfortunately, Free comes with a lot of strings attached. On the one hand, you will need to provide hosting on your own server. Also, you will need to be fairly experienced when it comes to coding. If any of these requirements are too technical for you, you will need to hire someone. This is when the costs really start to add up.

Designers and developers typically charge between $ 100 and $ 250 per hour. If you are building a site from scratch, the hours can add up quickly. Also, not all add-ons are free. Extension prices can start at ₵ 99 and go up to over $ 8,000.

Magento also provides very limited customer service. You can browse the community forums. However, in most cases, you will need to consult with the person who created your site. This means more man-hours to solve problems.

To sum up, here are some of the additional costs:

  • Security
  • Domain name
  • Accommodation
  • Designer fees
  • Developer fees
  • IT support
  • Add-ons and extensions

As you can see, the “free” cost of magneto can quickly get out of hand.

Who is Magento for?

Despite a high start-up cost, Magento offers real benefits. It is a sophisticated and scalable program that allows you to completely customize your site. However, the price makes it best suited for more established businesses. Successful businesses with large audiences and hundreds of products can benefit from Magneto.


When it comes to pricing plans and available features, BigCommerce is the most similar to Shopify. Their standard plan is $ 29.95 per month. Like Shopify, it offers:

One click installation

  • Free themes
  • 15-day free trial – no credit card required
  • Accommodation
  • security
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Fast loading times
  • Automatic updates
  • 10% discount with the purchase of a one-year subscription

Who is BigCommerce for?

Ultimately, BigCommerce and Shopify compete for the same audience. They are both suitable for entrepreneurs who are starting their first website. The choice can come down to personal preference. You might find that your favorite theme is only available on Shopify. Or maybe a particular feature unique whenever you compare BigCommerce pricing.

Fortunately, they both offer free trials. Take them both for a spin before you make your final decision.


Volusion is yet another top platform. At just $ 15 per month for the mini-plan, that might sound like a lot. However, it has many limitations. You can only add 100 products and the bandwidth limit is 1 GB. In addition, you will only have access to online support.

Even newbies will likely want to upgrade to the Plus plan for $ 35 per month. Features of the Plus plan include:

Unlimited storage

  • 1000 products
  • 3 GB bandwidth
  • Helpline
  • Newsletters
  • CRM

Abandoned cart recovery

Keep in mind that most plans in the $ 30 range come with unlimited bandwidth.

By far the biggest complaint against Volusion is their pricing practices. Although the monthly subscription prices advertised, they do not list all the hidden charges. Here is a short list of prices to expect:

SSL Certificate – $ 149

Install SSL certificate (you can’t install yourself) – $ 99

New domain – $ 11.99

Excess bandwidth – $ 7 per GB

Third Party Payment Processing Fee – 2.0-3.0% per transaction

Third Party Payment Processing Fee – 2.0-3.0% per transaction

“Powered by Volusion” link removed – $ 25

Termination Fee – $ 99

Monthly statement fee – $ 10

Note that the cost of premium themes and add-ons isn’t even mentioned. Volusion is a solid platform, but its pricing is neither transparent nor competitive.

Who is Volusion for?

In short: experienced coders who are aware of the additional costs. The platform does not provide a WYSIWYG editor. You will need to know a certain amount of code to personalize your site. Even then, it might not be worth the price. Unexpected costs can quickly add up. Compared to Volusion, Shopify is the better choice for the majority of people.

Shopify plans fat

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes! You can change your plan at any time. Whether you want to cut costs or upgrade for more features, you are free to switch plans.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? What are the sanctions?

You can close or suspend your store. If you choose to pause it, the store will still be open, but customers will not be able to make purchases. It will also reduce operating costs. Shopify will keep your store online and take a $ 14 / month break.

It is just as easy to close your store. It only takes a few clicks and you can cancel your account. There is no penalty for closing or pausing your store.

Do I have to enter the credit card information for a free trial?

No. You can start your free trial in minutes without having to enter payment information.

How can I be billed?

Shopify will automatically charge your credit card every 30 days. You will receive an invoice, but you will not have to do anything. Your bill will include your monthly fees as well as all transaction and application fees.

Conclusion on Shopify prices

Shopify is by far the most popular hosted ecommerce platform. It provides a robust solution and affordable pricing plans. Even new entrepreneurs can harness the power of Shopify for a reasonable price.

Choosing the right plan depends on where you are with your business and how fast you want to grow. The good news is that you can upgrade and downgrade plans as needed. There just aren’t many platforms that offer the same combination of cost, SEO agency Sydney versatility, and flexibility.